La música del período tonal y la música contemporánea: puntos de encuentro
(Common-Practice Repertoire and Contemporary Music: Points in Common)

Reviewed in Ultima Hora Eivissa e Formentera, Ibiza, Spain
June 27, 2001

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Point of View
To teach those who don't know,
by Julio Herranz

Every time that I approach contemporary music i remember something that Pérez de Arévalo, a notable composer, once told me about this genre which is quite difficult for the big audience: "what happens is that we have our ears 'colonized' by the 'usual' music." It must be true. It is for that reason that Martin Kutnowski's and Adolfo Villalonga's attempt to make this music more accesible to the students at the Conservatory deserves all our praise. As an old pop song says: 'to know me is to love me.'

Julio Herranz, Ultima Hora Eivissa e Formentera, June 27, 2001

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